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Algae Gemstone Meeple Dungeon Dice Set

Algae Gemstone Meeple Dungeon Dice Set

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By Board Gamers for Board Gamers

Unique designs perfect for upgrading your wardrobe with Meeple Apparel, enhancing your walls with Meeple Art of leveling up your life with Meeple Home.

These Gemstone dice are a great way to level up your gaming sessions. They are handcrafted, made from Algae gemstone making your character stand out during your gaming session. The markings on the dice look like seaweed attached to rocks giving them the appearance that they were pulled directly from the sea along the Sword Coast.


  • Premium Algae gemstone Dice Set
  • Seven semi precious stone 
  • Recommended for use in Dice Trays (Dice tray not included) 
  • Includes Dice Case 

Each handcrafted semi precious Meeple Dungeon dice set is shipped in a hexagonal leather protective case that contains 7 dice.

With their premium feel and captivating looks, this gemstone dice set is the perfect upgrade for any gaming table or gift for your tabletop party members.

To protect the dice, we recommend rolling stone dice on padded surfaces like our padded dice trays - Dice Trays.

These dice are made of natural materials and can fracture or break if mishandled.

This is a full-sized 16mm polyhedral dice set that comes with 7 dice (d4, d6, d8, d10, d10 (00-90), d12, and d20). Every gemstone set comes in a hexagonal case that separates each die for protection and is great for transporting your dice between gaming sessions.

The dice ship are shipped direct from the manufacturer in China. See the DICE FAQ page for more details.

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