Meeple Design Press Releases

Reach out to us at if you would like to write about us, interview us or even just what to ask us what our favourite board games are.

Working with Meeple Design

Are these official licensed board game products?

All Meeple Design named board game designs are officially licenced.

Every purchase you make with Meeple Design supports your favourite publisher.

How do I work with Meeple Design?

Contact us at so we can set up some time to talk about the process and how Meeple Design can assist with designing & making fantastic merch to compliment your fantastic board games.

We can't wait to create unique merchandise for your games.

What products do Meeple Design sell?

We offer our designs on a wide range of products including clothing, artwork and homeware.

We have plan to continue expanding our selection of products throughout the year.

Do you sell coffee?

It's funny you should ask.

At Meeple Design we love board games and coffee. There wasn't a coffee brand aimed at tabletop gamers so we decided to launch one ourselves. It's available over at