Czech Games Edition and Meeple Design Merchandise Partnership

Czech Games Edition and Meeple Design Merchandise Partnership - Brighton, UK
Meeple Design are proud to announce that we are an official Authorised Accessory Partner of Czech Games Edition; publishers of games such as Lost Ruins of Arnak, Codenames, Galaxy Trucker, Through the Ages and more. Meeple Design will offer a range of specially designed posters to fans of Czech Games Edition.


The first designs are available now at and ship worldwide.


Czech Games Edition are one of a growing number of partners working with Meeple Design to create officially licensed accessories for their games including; Tabletop Tycoon, City of Games and Bright Eye Games. Meeple Design brings a passion for the hobby and their unique experience working with other publishers to create exciting merchandise for fans of Board Gaming.



About Czech Games Edition

Czech Games Edition are a group of people who love board games and enjoy creating entertainment for players like they are. Back in 2006, they worked together on the first edition of Through the Ages, and decided that this is the work they wanted to do for a living. Founded in 2007, Czech Games Edition (CGE) released the first titles in Galaxy Trucker by Vlaada Chvátil and League of Six by Vladimír Suchý. Since then, CGE has published over 40 games and expansions, including Codenames, Alchemists, Tzolk’in, Letter Jam, Pulsar 2849, Dungeon Petz, Space Alert, Last Will, Tash-Kalar, and many others. To learn more about Czech Games Edition, please visit

About Meeple Design

Meeple Design is a brand dedicated to tabletop gaming created out of a love for the board gaming and TRPG space. We create unique clothing, artwork, homeware & more, and believe that gamers deserve a place where they can pay homage to their favourite games, finding that perfect t-shirt to wear during their gaming session or that special piece of artwork to hang on their wall. Follow us on InstagramFacebookTwitter and YouTube.

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