New games for 2021!

New games for 2021!

Board Games to look out for in 2021.

After a year of staying home and playing board games, like us, a lot of you will be looking for some new and fresh games to add to your collection or anticipating the arrival of those Kickstarter games that may have been delayed! Here are a few of the Kickstarters and new games that we are looking forward to in 2021!


Frosthaven - by Isaac Childres - Cephalofair 

We are particularly looking forward to this sequel to Gloomhaven. We backed Frosthaven on kickstarter prior to actually playing Gloomhaven, a potentially risky investment I know! But luckily and predictably we have really enjoyed the co-operative epic adventure campaigns of the game. With Gloomhaven, there are definitely enough varied scenarios, characters and gameplay elements to ensure that the game does not become stagnant or repetitive, therefore with Frosthaven we are hoping for another 100 hours of varied and engrossing  game play! 

Frosthaven is a stand alone campaign within the Gloomhaven world, with the same gameplay but introduces some new aspects including resource gathering and town building. All characters from Gloomhaven and Gloomhaven expansions can be played in Frosthaven. 

One big change between the two games, that we are particularly looking forward to, will be the scenario book. Instead of the contents and environment of the scenarios being visible from the start, as with the Gloomhaven, the Frosthaven scenario book will reveal less details at the start of the scenario. The details of the monsters and obstacles within a particular room only being revealed as the new door is opened, creating an unknown quantity to the adventure. 

If you did back Frosthaven on Kickstarter, then the game is due to start being delivered to backers in July 2021. Frosthaven is also available for Pre-Order on Kickstarter.



Tsukuyumi: Full moon down - Grey Fox games 

This strategy board game in which factions fight for world domination and to end Tsukuyumi’s               (A Dragon God imprisoned in the moon) influence, was originally released as a standee only game. This new publication by Grey Fox games, includes detailed miniatures and token upgrades.

The game has an elaborate and engaging backstory. Following the moon, containing the trapped Tsukuyumi, crashing to earth causing the mutation and evolvement of the creatures of Earth and with humanity in decline, the factions of new races fight for control. Each player uses their faction's unique strengths and abilities to gain dominance over earth and fulfill their faction's individual goals in the post apocalyptic struggle. 

The game was originally designed for 3-5 players, however a 2 Player mode was later added, which is different from the regular game as the standard scoring is replaced by a faction specific scoring scheme. Each player therefore focuses on reaching their own highest score points by fulfilling score requests, whilst trying to prevent their opponent from fulfilling their score requests. The selection of both factions remains essential, as with the 3+ player game.

This is a game that we have long anticipated, having backed it on Kickstarter back in early 2019, and we are sure it will be worth the wait!  Although, to be honest, I am mainly just excited about the faction of evolved Whales! The miniatures look awesome!

(The ‘Lords of the lost sea’ faction is included in the expansion). 


Following a year delay, the games is due to be shipped to backers in February 2021 and is also available for Pre-order on Kickstarter.


Oath: Chronicles of the Empire and Exile

From the creators of Root Leder games, Designed by Cole Wehrle and Art by Kyle Ferrin  

Oath: Chronicles of the Empire and Exile is described as an innovative strategy game, where 1-6 players influence the course of history in an ancient land. Over the course of the game, players interact, develop and seek control over a shared tableau that represents the lands. 

The majority of players begin the game as Exiles, powerful figures living on the edge of polite society. An Exiled player can win the game by directly challenging the Chancellor's power or by attempting to fulfill a ‘new Vision’. Whereas the Chancellor player wins the game by maintaining their control of the empire. They may choose to make offers of citizenship to one or more Exiles,  these new citizens will help the Chancellor maintain control, but the Chancellor will need to be careful, as citizens may also pose a threat to the Chancellor's power. 

It's an intriguing game as the consequences of one game impacts future game play, such as changing the availability of certain resources and actions for future players or by altering the game’s core victory conditions. This is likely to add to the games replayability and keep things interesting. 

Copies of the game are due to be shipped to Kickstarter backers January 2021, with the game due for retail release in Spring 2021.



Darwin's Journey - Created by Gonzalo Aguirre Bisi

Darwin's Journey is a euro style worker placement game, for 1-4 players, in which you follow Darwin's famous adventures in the Galapagos islands. Players study the disciplines such as exploration, correspondence, and discovering specimens in order to contribute to scientific knowledge of biology and complete their own individual short & long-term objectives. 


The base game comes with all the unlocked stretch goals, which includes a digital soundtrack to the game and unique illustrations for the special actions. The collectors edition comes with upgraded coin, tokens and components, as well as the Fireland expansion and the unlocked collector's Edition stretch goals. 

Currently available for late pledges on kickstarter with estimated shipping November 2021. 


Flourish - Created by Starling Games, the creators of Everdell 

Flourish is a quick to learn and quick to play card drafting game in which players create their own beautiful and tranquil gardens. Flourish can be played with up to 7 players, but additional players does not add to the play time of approximately 20mins. Flourish can be played competitively or cooperatively, as well as solo, which adds variety to the game play.

Flourish looks to be a great 'quickie' game, with enough depth for avid board gamers and great to play with new or non board gamers. The passing and placing nature of this card game, suggests that it would work well as a party game for those that want something more than your usual 'make the best offensive sentence' type card game.

The artwork is also very beautiful, i would not expect anything less from the creators of Everdell. 

The signature edition, which comes with the Friends & Follies expansions, is currently available on Kickstarter for late pledge and is due to be shipped March 2021. In addition, Tabletop Tycoon will donate a game to Toys for Tots for each game sold through this campaign.



 Let us know in the comments section, which games you are most looking forward to in 2021! 


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