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Board Game New Year Goals

Happy New Year! May your 2021 be filled with lots of board games!

New Year is a time for reviewing the past year and making new resolutions for the year ahead. It has been a hard year for a lot of people and we wanted to say Thank you to all of you for supporting our shop during this difficult time.  

Here, at Meeple Design we have some exciting plans for the year ahead, including expanding our online store with new product ranges and designs, so keep an eye out for these on the store. 

Our New Year Goals: Tony and I have also been thinking about our own personal board game related goals for 2021. My ‘New Year's resolution’ is to ensure that we end 2021 with no unplayed board games in our collection. 

 I am sure we are not the only board game fans, who find themselves adding more board games to their collection whilst still having some unplayed games. 2020 gave us the opportunity to play a lot of new games from our collection, as well as replaying others. 

This year I am determined to play those few ‘New’ games left unplayed, this includes; The 7th Continent, The City of Kings, Dinosaur Island - Totally liquid expansion, Ghost Stores - The black secret expansion, and Kingdom Death Monster (Although this is reliant on Tony finding time to construct the figures!).


This list will also expand, as it does not yet include the games we backed on Kickstarter that we have arriving this year! Expect some reviews later in the year! 

Tony’s New Years resolution is simply to play more board games! 



Which 'yet to be played' games from your collection, are looking forward to playing? 

We would love to hear from you, let us know in the comment section.
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